The tooth loss is mostly caused by paradontosis, it would not cause fragmentary fall of teeth, in fact, the teeth are complete, while the supporting tissue (including gums, parodontium and alveolar bone) all begin to atrophy, degeneration and inflame. So if you want to know how to avoid tooth loss, the first thing you need to pay attention to is paradontosis.

It is worth mentioning that the heart attack may also have something to do with tooth loss. This kind of illness is related to a clinical symptom called “atherosclerosis”, which causes deposition of tartar, no evident symptoms though, it may lead to serious results when time passes. And for people, who have the bad habit of smoking, will have a great chance of getting a heart attack. This, in return, causes tooth loss.

To learn how to avoid tooth loss, shanghai dental suggest you do things below:

Pay attention to your oral health; persist in brushing your teeth correctly every day and night.

Go check for decayed tooth frequently, if you find out you have one, get proper treatment as soon as you can.

If you have got an atherosclerosis or gingivitis, go get treatments as quickly as possible.、

Suggestions for the elder about how to avoid tooth loss from shanghai dental:

It is widely believed that tooth loose and tooth loss are common phenomenons for the aged parents and grandparents, and we think that they do not need any medical treatment. This is definitely wrong. It is learned by clinical research that tooth loss of the elder is as well, caused by bone loss or paradontosis. So, if getting proper treatment, tooth loss of the elder could be entirely avoided.

Eat less hard stuffs. Our teeth are covered by a layer of tooth enamel, when people eat hard stuffs, this enamel layer may be abrased or destroyed, and to make things worse, it may cause the exposure of the deep-seated teeth, and thus leave the pulp nerve with no protection. So shanghai dental suggest the elder eat less hard things like sugarcane or hazelnut.

Rinse the mouth or brush the teeth when it is necessary. Some elders think that rinsing the mouse is enough and there is no need to brush their teeth, in fact, tooth brushing is irreplaceable, for it both helps clean up the dirt on the teeth, and in the same time, helps kill germs in your mouth. The frequent tooth brushing makes it easier to prevent the formation of dental plaque or the dental calculus.

Sometimes there are some circumstances of tooth loss that may be taken by mistake. One is called dental calculus, and when it gets bigger, it will sometimes fall out of the teeth. When this happens, you do not need to find out how to avoid tooth loss. It is simply caused by inefficient tooth brushing or is the sediment of mineral salt (which contains calcium and phosphorus) in ptysma. The other kind of reason is the abscission of not fully developed tooth enamel, and when you are having tooth enamel pieces, shanghai dental suggest you get treatments for tooth decay, for example, use toothpaste which contains fluorine. If things go bad, you need to see a dentist.